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Georgia Giant And Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail.

Posted by admin | Bobwhite Quail | Tuesday 24 May 2011 10:48 pm

Georgia Giant Bobwhite Quail

Similar to its wild cousin, is inherent to a large range of the northeastern United States. The Georgia Giant Bobwhite Quail is actually a strong round bird favoring an undersized feathery chicken. The wild bobwhite weighs just about six to seven ounces. However, the Georgia Giant Bobwhite can undoubtedly mature to fourteen to sixteen ounces. Comparable to other Bobwhites, it generates a whistle that seems like “bob-bob-white” although its call is frequently not as plain as one coming from the smaller breed of bobwhite.

Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail

Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite Quail chicks are tiny- approximately the proportion of bumblebees. Bobwhite Quail, prominent in its tasty meat, has turned into a high-end option to chicken in favor of numerous connoisseurs. The bobwhites most likely possess the largest amount of calls by way of at least 19 distinctive calls. Jumbo Wisconsin and Georgia Giant are as well a strain of the bobwhite quail. Breeding of Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhites is at present a lucrative business.

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