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Sexing Coturnix or Japanese Quail.

Posted by admin | Coturnix Quail | Wednesday 17 October 2007 7:19 pm

When raising Coturnix quail sexing can be done in several different ways. For most normal colored Coturnix quail. This can be done by their colors. The male Coturnix will have rusty brown colored feathers on the upper throat and lower breast area. The female’s color is somewhat similar to that of the male quail but the feathers are long and pointed in the throat and upper breast area. They are lighter and more of a cinnamon color. The female quail also has a little black in the tan breast feathers.

Another way of differentiating between the sexes when raising these quail is that the female will weigh a little more than the male. The weight difference may be a little as a half of an ounce. But there is a difference.

Because of the many color variations of Coturnix quail available for raising. Sometimes it is impossible to sex these quail by color. So vent sexing may be necessary. This type of sexing can be done very accurately when raising the Cotunix quail, if done properly.

When using this method, the male of the specie has a small bulb like area located in its vent section. This is called the cloacal gland. When the male Coturnix quail reaches sexual maturity, this gland will secrete a foamy looking substance. The female of this quail specie does not have this gland, you will not find this bulb like gland in their vent area.

When raising these quail and wanting to sex at a young age, you may be able to see this gland with some type of magnification device. You may want to be careful putting your face in the vent area.

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