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Raising Quail and Candling Eggs.

Posted by admin | incubating quail eggs | Thursday 3 September 2009 4:55 pm

When raising quail and incubating eggs, you may want to think about purchasing a candling device. This device is just a small little light which can be purchased on the internet for a small amount of money. This small little lighting device can be an important tool to your have for your quail raising venture.

When raising quail, it is very likely that you will be incubating eggs. You place your eggs in the incubator with very high expectations and then begin to count down the days until hatch.

By candling your eggs after about 5 days you should start to see some embryo development. If it is developing properly, you should start to notice a pinkish cast. If you don’t notice any change inside the egg, especially by day 10 and the inside of the egg remains clear. It is time to pitch the clear eggs, they are not fertile.

When the egg starts to reach the end of incubation, the inside of the egg should look dark except for the little air pocket.

Candling eggs will have no effect on your incubation time and will not hurt your eggs. You just have to handle the eggs with care and don’t candle them more than a couple times during incubation.

Also when candling, be precise and do this, process in a way to be gentle yet quick as to not let the temperature of the egg cool to much.

When raising quail learning how to handle eggs gently is very important and learning the process of candling can save you disappointment.

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