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Raising Bobwhite Quail to Release and Repopulate.

Posted by admin | Raising Quail For Release | Wednesday 1 August 2012 9:05 pm

In order to raise any quail for release you will need a Flight Conditioning Pen to give the birds any chance of survival. They must have a way to strengthen their wings for flight, without this type of protected environment to prepare for the wild, they will become easy prey.

A New Cycle of Raising Wild Bobwhite Quail | Raising Wild Quail

(author unknown)

"I’m always excited about another cycle of raising wild bobwhite quail. I’m hearing lots of birds this year that have come from previous releases.raisingwildquail.com/…/a-new-cycle-of-raising-wild-bobwhite…"

This video shows Bobwhite Quail being in a Flight Conditioning Pen.

Male and Female Northern Bobwhite Quail

 Raising Quail for release to help increase the bobwhite population is a very generous and thoughtful thing to do by any quail breeder. The problem with this idea is that the statistics show about a fifty percent survival rate for the first year. So you will be going against the odds to make a difference. 

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