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Chicks Dying When Raising Quail

Posted by admin | raising quail | Monday 15 October 2007 8:34 pm

When raising quail and your chicks are dying after they are hatched, doesn’t necessary mean you are doing something wrong. If you purchased the eggs from another quail farmer, they could have been doomed before you even purchased them.

Sometimes when raising quail, the quail chicks dying can be traced back to their source. The breeder quail that produced the quail eggs. There are a few variables that need to come together for the breeding quail to produce high quality quail eggs.

These variables are often overlooked by new quail breeders and ignored by experienced quail farmers.
These are some of the factors that can cause your quail chicks to die because of the breeding stock:

1. Inbreeding. Which is more likely to happen on smaller quail farms but can happen no matter how big the quail farm.

2. Improper diet. When picking your breeding stock, they should be started on a layer or breeder diet 2 weeks before they are expected to start laying eggs. Then kept on this diet throughout the laying season. This type of diet contains all the required nutrients needed for high quality production.

3. Disease. Even though the breeder quail may not show any signs of disease, they could still be carriers. If so, the disease could be passed on to the highly susceptible eggs.

These factors should also be consider when raising your own breeder quail. But if you do purchase eggs. I highly recommend purchasing from a breeder that participates in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP).

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