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Quail Breeding Season Winding Down

Posted by admin | raising quail | Friday 28 September 2007 7:32 pm

As the daylight hours grow shorter here in the United States. The egg laying and quail breeding season starts to slow down and eventually stop. Even if you are a quail farmer that is raising quail to lay all year long, using artificial means. Your layers and breeder quail need a break, the laying season does take its toll on them. They need time to rejuvenate and get their strength back up to start again.

I feel that it is a good idea to let them stop naturally. Once they have stopped, take them off of their breeder or layer diet that they should be on. Put them back on the developer diet and give them around a 3 month rejuvenation period if using artificial means. This will give you much better results and keep your quail healthier. Then the last 2 weeks of the quail’s 3 month break, you can get them started back on the quail breeder feed. This would probably be around January or so.

If you are raising quail to just let everything happen naturally. Then once the quail have stopped laying, just put them back on their developer feed and perform good management procedures. Then put your breeder or layer quail back on the layer diet 2 weeks before the season starts again. The middle of March or early April.

This is also a good time to reflect on your quail breeding season. If you are raising quail as a business or trying to head into that direction. You will definitely not want to be wasting your money on the quail that did not meet your expectations during the breeding season.

If you are not raising quail for meat purposes, then the quail you keep and feed over the winter are overhead. Remember if your quail are not laying eggs to make you money, then they are costing you money. I know this can be a hard decision, but if you are raising quail to make money. Then it may be a good idea to just keep your best breeders over the winter months. Feed is expensive, this will help you cut down on that overhead. Just make sure depending on the type of winter’s you have, that you keep enough quail so they can form their covey to keep warm.

In other parts of the world however, your quail breeding season is just starting. So I wish all of you a very healthy and productive quail raising season.

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