How To Turn Your Existing Quail Raising Hobby Into A Profitable Business, With Confidence.

You Know How to Raise Quail, But Have Questions on How To Start Making Money From Your Experience. Let Us Help You Get Started The Right Way.

Gary Ortlieb

Gary Ortlieb,

You now know How to Raise Quail and would like to make some money from your hobby. Your family and friends love the Quail Meat and Eggs you've been serving them and has you thinking; maybe there's some cash to be made here. But, How do You Start?

Starting a Quail Business is hard work, but can be very rewarding. However, miss one step or get started on the wrong foot and you could be just wasting time and money.

Your hesitation could be because you don't know where to start, or is it because, you fear failure...

You probably hear of many small businesses failing within the first year and you want to know how to keep your Quail Business from being one of them. So what could be the reasons for these businesses failing?

  • Did they start a business simply based on their product?
  • How much money did they invest?
  • Was there any kind of strategy or planing in place?
  • What kind of advertising or marketing was done?
  • How dedicated were they to making it work?

There is a good chance you have never ran a business before, so how can you put together a successful Quail Business.

How do you find out:

  • What should you do first?
  • How to minimize your chances of failure.
  • Should you invest in commercial equipment right from the start?
  • How to have the right quail and the flock size to meet your customers needs?

These are all good questions and need answered before you even consider taking on this challenge.

When starting a Quail Business, there is a certain order to the steps you follow. With proper planning and having the right strategy you can minimize your chances of failure.

You Could Be Raising The Healthiest, Plumpest and Most Fertile Quail Around and Never Make a Sale.

The fact is, you could have the best looking birds within the Quail Farming niche and if the market isn't there or if potential customers are unaware of your business, failure is inevitable. These are just several reasons for a business never getting off the ground:

  • You're ready to start selling your quail and there are no customers at all.
  • All of your potential customers, eager to buy, don't even know you're there ready to sell.
  • You spent $500 to $1000 on advertising and potential customers didn't see any of the ads.
  • There isn't any market for quail in your general area and you were unaware.
  • You had a website built, because you're willing to ship, but it's not getting any traffic.

All these things are scary thoughts, however, they can and do happen all the time....

The First Business We Started Failed Miserably...

The first business we started was a disaster, we had no plan, no strategy and just made everything up as we went. We did send feelers out to see if a market existed and had very positive feedback. Thus, we went for it, within the first week, all of our potential customers, failed to keep their word and follow through. We were stunned and unprepared, our business was of the service type, for other businesses. Without a plan or strategy, we just startrd to grab onto any ideas that came to mind, nobody likes to fail, especially in the first week. So, we started to diversify and spread into other areas, we did find customers by doing this, but not near enough to sustain a business. We suffered a major loss before calling it quits, and learned a lot from all our mistakes. It was time for us to learn from experienced people who could teach us the right way to get started, and the things we needed to know.

All the things we learned about business, helped us take our hobby and turn it into an actual business. There are many ingredients to starting and running a successful business, whether it be from Raising Quail, a service or another type of commodity. But one of the most important is Passion, it's not something that can be taught. If you have it for Raising Quail, we can help you learn many of the other essentials needed to be on the right path.

What is contained in this e-book on Raising Quail to Sell.

How can it limit your Risk of Failure, Lost Money and Time?

Just click on the sections below, to see the contents of the e-book:

Sections 1 thru 4

Why do you want to start a quail business __ (page 5)

In this section we will ask the question; why do you want to start a quail business? Then, we will discuss, the only answer for success.

The quail business preparation process __ (page 7)

This section has a quail business start up map.

Creating a small marketing budget __ (page 9)

This is the first step on the map and we discuss marketing, the types and there costs.

Get to know you market and exactly what they're looking for __ (page 12)

This section talks about ways of finding your market and getting to know what they're looking for.

Sections 5 thru 8

Get to know your competition __ (page 14)

Knowing your competition is the best way to be one step ahead of them. Suggestions are offered on how to do this.

Being legal __ (page 17)

Just like starting any other business there are legalities that absolutely need to be addressed. Miss any of these steps and risk losing all your quail and stiff fines. (US only)

The equipment and other items needed for your business __ (19)

You need, good reliable incubators and brooders, when raising quail for business. Having a backup plan in place is a must.

The importance of proper food and accessories needed __ (page 24)

You need your quail to look good, produce well and be strong, in order to be successful.

Sections 9 thru 12

Protecting your quail __ (page 27)

Potential customers visiting your quail farm can present a problem.... You need a way to keep them satisfied without endangering your flock.

Requirements for shipping __ (page 28)

Depending on how you want to grow your business, having the knowledge of how to ship can become critical.

Consider going national __ (page 30)

In this age of technology, you have the ability to sell nationally.... But, how do you start?

Should you think about specializing __ (34)

When doing marketing research, one particular area may have stood out. Should you cater to that alone.

Sections 13 thru 16

Protect your business and yourself __ (35)

Depending on how your business grows, making it a separate entity, should be a consideration.

Cash flow __ (page 40)

Here we talk about negative and positive cash flow with an example.

Your Sales Funnel __ (page 43)

All businesses have what is referred to as a sales funnel. You draw customers in with a sale on, save for instance eggs, then you may be able to sell them some live birds, an incubator etc.

Resources __ (page 45)

Here we have put together some links to free and helpful items that will make thing a little easier on you, when first starting out.

Save Time and Money When Starting Your Quail Business..

We have added Some Key Tips to the e-book, that will not only Save You Time, but also, Save You From Wasting Money.

Such as, How To:

  • Find liabilities so you can get rid of them.
  • Help you cut back on waste to save money.
  • Get the most out of your quail before they become a liability.

When you first start a business let me wipe out any misconceptions you may have about free time. Making Money From Raising Quail is hard and if you want it to work you need to commit yourself. However, there's a tremendous bright side to this fact. You realize a total different feeling about work when doing it for yourself.

Nevertheless, not all of the work is physical, you will always need to be thinking of better ways to do things.

The "Beginner's Guide to Starting a Quail Business" Can put you on the path to success or keep you from Wasting Time and Failure..

In the Resource Section in the back of this e-book I have included links to some good Free Software that will help you keep records for your Quail Business. If you don't know anything about computers, I would highly recommend learning how to use some of the office applications. It is so much nicer to have all your records on a computer instead of boxes taking up space. You just need to be sure that the files are backed up on CD's or DVD's just in case you have a computer crash. There are several links to free stuff. I have also included links to services I highly recommend in case you decide to go national.

you have 30 days to evaluate The Beginners Guide To Raising Quail

I am so confident that this e-book will help you start or improve your quail raising experience. That I am going to give you a 30 day 100% unconditional guarantee. If you don't find the information in this e-book helpful in any way. Just email me within the 30 day period and I will refund the full amount of your purchase. No questions asked.

The Decision is Yours..

e-book, the beginner's guide to starting a quail business

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May all your Quail be healthy and productive,

PS. By purchasing "The Beginner's Guide To Starting a Quail Business" your questions will all be answered and the right path all drawn out for you.

P.P.S. Some of the business strategies we have made available in this book are not widely known or highly used. Putting all your steps together using a mind map and laying out your whole business in a process map. These are very powerful business tools and having them already done for you in this e-book, Will get your Quail Business off to the right start.